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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fits of Joy

Have you ever felt so full of love that it amazed you that you could contain all that inside of you?  But keeping it inside made you want to jump and sing and dance and leap and fly!  It had to come out, you had to let it out, or your heart would burst from the fullness of it all.  Does anyone else ever feel this way?

I could never put this into words until a dear friend of mine wrote to me of her youngest son, and how she loved him so much that he just gave her fits of joy.  What better way to describe this feeling I have for my own children, and for my Lord?  So, I wrote a poem for her, and for me, that comes as close as I can to putting this feeling into words:

Fits of Joy

I never knew what it meant
to love unfettered,
how rapture and fear intertwined
could cause me to soar.
Wings have I been gifted
powered only by your presence,
flying aloft these zephyrs
my heart expands and grows.
Heavenly winds draw forth tears
which propel me higher and more,
until all I am is light, and
nearly perfect expression of love.
But back to Earth must I return
ever lightened by this gift
of you and your smile to send me
these unexpected fits of joy.