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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Born of Love

I have been working on this poem for some time, and still cannot get it quite right.  But here is the most recent draft - sometimes putting it "out there" helps me to see it in a new light:

There was a glow on that night
when all Heaven burst with joy,
angels singing at the sight
of this small and fragile boy.

His mother held him in her arms
as he breathed his first full breath
all of nature could he charm,
a light in the darkness.

With tears in His eyes, His son was born,
a fullness of love brand new.
It was God's heart which shone that morn,
His tears the early dew.

Mary held him to her breast
while Joseph in wonder did stand
to see this miraculous guest
and touch his tender hand.

This son of God, this son of man,
was born to lead us back home.
Our job just to understand
his love is the heart of our poem.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Reflection on Isaiah 43:1-5

Fear not for I am with you.
Speak my name without shame.
Let my light shine from your heart:
for I am the Lord, your God,
Your Savior.
All that I have is already yours.
Trust in my strength and faithfulness.
Trust in me,
for you are precious in my eyes and glorious.
I shall not let you fall.
I shall hold you in my hands
and surround you with my love.
Let my love be your shield and your strength,
for I have called you by name.
You are mine.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Question of the day: How does the Spirit approach?

Some days just a feeling, a softness rising to my eyes
and the Spirit is present in tears that sit so still.
Other days I am blown back by the strength of this wind,
the force of a hurricane in the confines of my soul.
Most times, though, as a gentle breeze, the breath of God
gently ruffling my hair and softly calling to me.
Such a gentleness, such a strength -- these hands worn from work
but kept soft by Love's own caress.
The Spirit approaches us in as many ways as we pray:
always meeting us how we need to be met,
always meeting us with and in love.